21 to 22 June, 2014
Session Leader: Dr.Naing

We have been talking about using mixed methods and program evaluation today. And just as a short overview, we talk a bit about

  • understanding what mixed methods are and how they can be used in program evaluation.
  • how to integrate multiple qualitative and quantitative forms of inquiry to answer evaluation questions,
  • discussion about applying mixed method approaches to create and implement an evaluation plan.

The focus of this presentation was really to get at being purposeful about how we design mixed methods, evaluations, and how we plan our evaluation using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies for data collection and for analysis. We often spent quite a bit of time putting together evaluation plans and conducting evaluations where we really don’t give much purpose to how we put qualitative and quantitative methodologies together, which one we use, how one enhances the other, all those kinds of things, so we’ll be reiterating throughout the presentation about how important it is not to be haphazard about that and to be really purposeful on how we make those kinds of decisions.