With the aim to improve employment opportunities for vulnerable youths in six townships, YMCA is implementing a project. As part of project, training team of EMPOWER has successfully facilitated 10 Days course for Business Planning TOT, coaching and mentoring sessions and review and refine module workshop from 12 June 2012 to 15 August 2015 in six townships_ Yangon, Pathien, Mau Bin, Mandalay, Mon Ywar, and Taunggyi.

Together with 18 TOTs from 6 Townships, 83 youths were able to developed their business idea and concrete business plan.

” I was very much enjoy to see my dream will come true… my confidence level get increase.. I will be owner of tea steel furniture shop very soon…”

” I will start own hair saloon .. my target market will be all men except Monks in two wards… total number are estimated as 20,000 men.. ah ah… every man including boy must have to cut their hair at least one per month… there is only one competitor in my ward, … so see.. I am enjoying with this dream… thank you so much”