world-env-09This event was organized by the Empower Consultancy supported by ICIMOD ( on Thursday, 7 June2014, Myay Paday Thar Kyun, Kan Daw Gyi National Park, Yangon.

With the aims (1) to raise Public understanding and awareness of biodiversity and healthy environment, (2) to educate the students how biodiversity is important for conserving the green ecosystem, and (3) to strengthen the environmentally friendly manners of the parents/patrons of students, “World Environment Day” campaign has been organized in Yangon, MYANMAR.

Almost 60 Students age from 10 to 16 years gathered and learned education talk on ecology system. A short study of species richness has been carried out at the designed experimental plot in the national park. There was high competition between small study groups.

Yes… I enjoy it… I am 11 year old, I live in Thingangyun ….. this is very first time experience for me, I am really wondering with Earthworms ‘role in our ecosystem…ohh.. please tell me what role do you play in an ecosystem?
A Student

Children are the leaders of the future and inclusion of biodiversity in their studies will make them and their families aware about the need to conserve it…
Dr. Thida Win Ko Ko

( Photo : Children at Campaign at Facebook)